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Translate Search

  1. Click here to open a new tab for Google Translate.
  2. Type your search query (in your native language)
    Google will automatically translate your search query into English.
  3. Copy the translated terms in the box on the right, then paste them into the
    search box in black toolbar in upper right OR in search box in a category page

To Search (Non-English)

  1. Select Search (Non-English) in the bar at the top of every page (you have already done so if you are reading this text)
  2. Select language - if have not already selected a language
  3. Select Google Translate
  4. Select the input box in the left side of Google Translate and type in your query, then hit enter
  5. Select the output box at the right in Google Translate and copy the Enlgish results (to clipboard - usually with control-C)
  6. Select a VitaminDWiki page (they all have a search box)
  7. Select the Search box and paste the English results from previous step into the box

We might be able to reduce Search (Non-English) to 2 just selects in the future

  1. Select language
  2. Select the Search box and type the query

Translate Search        
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