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Sign and symptoms of vitamin D overdose - from Buzzle 2010

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Symptoms of Vitamin D Overdose

Vitamin D is essential for proper functioning of the body, especially for the growth of teeth and bones, and its deficiency can result in many problems related to bone development. Just as vitamin D deficiency is a matter of concern, in the same way Vitamin D overdose is also problematic. The article dwells on the causes and symptoms of Vitamin D overdose.

Vitamin D or calciferol is a fat-soluble vitamin, synthesized by the body from exposure to the sun. It maintains the level of calcium and phosphorus in the blood, and is essential for healthy bones and teeth. It helps the body absorb calcium, which in turn results in strong teeth and bones. Recent studies have revealed that Vitamin D safeguards the body from hypertension, cancer and autoimmune diseases. Vitamin D, though essential for the body, can cause number of problems in case of overdose.

Symptoms of Vitamin D Overdose

Symptoms of vitamin D overdose varies from individual to individual. The different symptoms are:

Calcification: Abnormally high amounts of calcium and phosphate are deposited in the soft tissue, such as kidneys, heart and lungs, is called as calcification. These deposits can lead to irreversible organ malfunction. Breast calcification is one common type of calcification. Breast calcification is mostly benign, however, sometimes it can be indicative of breast cancer.

Urinary Stones: When hard mineral masses get lodged in the urinary tract region, they are called as urinary stones. These stones are actually formed in the kidneys, which then move to the urinary tract. The victim goes through immeasurable pain, and most of the times, surgery is required to remove them. In some cases, a specific diet can dissolve the stones.

Nerve Symptoms: These symptoms comprise particular sensations such as numbness, pain, reflex issues, taste symptoms, hearing impairment, temperature sensitivity, tingling, burning, prickling sensations, etc.

Muscle Symptoms: Muscle weakness, loss of muscle control, muscle pain, cramps, stiffness, decrease in size and bulk of the muscle, called muscle atrophy are the various muscle symptoms occurring due to vitamin D overdose.

The other symptoms of vitamin D overdose are vomiting, nausea, poor appetite, excessive thirst, excessive urine production, loss of weight, dehydration, constipation, itchy skin, severe headache, irritability and nervousness. Heart rhythm irregularities, increased risk of heart disease, high blood pressure as well as renal failure are also symptoms of the overdose. Vitamin D overdose in pregnant women can result in mental or physical retardation in babies.

Vitamin D overdose is not the result of a single large dose, but is the result of a high vitamin D dosage over a period of time. This is because, the body does not excrete the excess levels of vitamin D from the body, like it does with the other essential nutrients. The excess Vitamin D is stored in the fat cells of the body, where they accumulate and reach the toxic levels over a period of time. Vitamin D overdose can be treated with steroids given by a medical professional.

By Priya Johnson

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Sign and symptoms of vitamin D overdose - from Buzzle 2010        
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