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Nov 2012 Vitamin D News email

This page is on the web VitaminDWiki

VitaminDWiki update (in progress), it now looks like the following

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Here is an extremely brief summary of vitamin D

Less D from sun and food makes for less D in body which results in more disease

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Top Vitamin D News at VitaminDWiki for Nov, 2012

Nov top

Omega-3: It’s many benefits include helping vitamin D 

Timeline of Heart Disease, fats, lard, HFCS, and vitamin D – Aug 2012 – those topics are very related

Hypothesis: antibiotic resistant bacteria could be controlled with vitamin D

Review of Autoimmune diseases, solar radiation and vitamin D – Schwalfenberg 2012

Evidence that the minimum vitamin D blood level is 30 ng – Grant Nov 2012

Summary of Vitamin D trials - Grant Nov 2012

Venous ulcers healed 4X faster with weekly 50000 IU vitamin D – RCT Oct 2012  = proof #23 that Vitamin D works

Vertigo 23X more likely with low vitamin D, perhaps Calcium in ear – Oct 2012

Vitamin D, Beyond the Bone – Presentation @ New York Sept 2012 includes abstracts and videos

Acute respiratory infection treated by vitamin D in 6 of 12 clinical trials – review Nov 2012

Some companies now provide Vitamin D AND cofactors - Nov 2012

Low vitamin D associated with dental caries – meta-analysis of 24 clinical trials – Nov 2012

Low vitamin D associated with poor regions in the UK – Nov 2012

Why are so many Victorian killer illnesses making a comeback - Nov 2012  Go on, guess the answer!

Do you need a Suncation or just vitamin D - Nov 2012 Vitamin D is far cheaper and safer

Video presentation of vitamin D in UK - Nov 2012

Vitamin D Deficiency is a Strong Predictor (4X) of Asthma in Children – Oct 2012

Less MS (MRI) decline after raising Vitamin D levels – clinical trial Oct 2012

Variety of pregnancy problems with low vitamin D – systematic review Sept 2012

Vitamin D from commercial UVB lamps : added photos and Vitamin D meter measurements - {1,000 IU in 5 minutes?)

14 Vitamin D related conferences in the first half of 2013

VitaminDWiki has more vitamin D information than the next 5 websites combined
    There is truly an avalanche of vitamin D information in 2012. Takes > 1500 hours a year to update VitaminDWiki


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When you have one vitamin D deficiency problem you tend to get at least one more

   as of Nov 2012:

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Vitamin D Wiki News for Dec 2012 and Jan 2013

Nov 2012 Vitamin D News email        

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