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HMO Data collection and analysis

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Analysis: Want anyone to easily determine

  • How much money is being saved
  • Which interventions are cost effective, and which are not
  • Which interventions should perhaps be changed in the future
    • amount, co-factor, duration, when start, when stop, etc.

Data can be kept:

  • Inside of the HMO
    • Unlikely to be expandable to multiple HMOs
    • May not be easy to add new data types, no make new data queries
  • Separate from HMO
    • Probably extract some data from HMO, while making the information anonymous
  • In a hybrid form – augmenting data which is inside of the HMO

Types of data of interest

Want to support analysis such as the following

  • How many doctors were asked (which facility, which time period,, , , )
  • What percentage accepted– when first asked, when asked again
  • How many patients were asked to participate
  • What percentage of patients accepted – with which doctor, with which vitamin D advocate
  • What were the vitamin D blood levels before, during, and after the procedure
  • Change in hospital days due to intervention
  • Change in ICU days following intervention
  • Change in physical therapy days due to intervention
  • How often did patient have to get re-admitted due to complications
  • How many out-patient follow-ups following the intervention
  • How many surgeries were canceled – perhaps due to the intervention
  • Change in number of tests: (frequency, number) - vitami D, Calcium, Magnesium etc.
  • Change in co-factor (amount, compound, …)
  • Estimate of patient compliance (did they actually take the vitamin, co-factors)
  • How to best classify the patients who benefited the most from the intervention
    • age, sex, pre-existing condition, weight, skin color, latitude, vitamin D levels, recent trauma,

Allow the medical staff and researchers to add comments, observations, hypothesis to the data
Want to encourage the type of comments that would be passed between individual doctors - share them widely.

Would be very nice if this knowledge could be shared across many HMO, hospitals in countries around the world.
Such sharing should speed up the development of vitamin D interventions by many years.

Need to have the following patient information in the knowledgebase

Age, Latitude, Weight, Skin color, Medications, Current/past health problems

HMO Data collection and analysis        
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