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Vitamin D less than 22 ng in Greece half of the year– May 2011

Vitamin D deficiency in white, apparently healthy, free-living adults in a temperate region

HORMONES 2011, 10(2):131-143
Panagiotis N. Singhellakis,1 Fotini Ch. Malandrinou,1 Catherine J. Psarrou,1 Alexandra M. Danelli,1 Sotirios D. Tsalavoutas,2 Evangelia S. Constandellou 2
1 Department of Endocrinology, Metabolism and Diabetes Mellitus “Saint Savvas” Cancer Hospital, Athens,
2 Hormonal Laboratory, “Agios Panteleimon” General Hospital of Nikaia, Piraeus, Greece

OBJECTIVE: The precise incidence of vitamin D deficiency is not known, primarily because there is no consensus on the optimal levels of serum 25(OH)Vitamin D. The aim of the pre- sent study was to determine the incidence of vitamin D deficiency in a large group of normal adult volunteers residing in a typical temperate region.

DESIGN-METHODS: In 625 healthy, free living adults (553 women, 72 men, aged 18-85 years), serum 25(OH)Vitamin D and 1-25(OH)2Vitamin D (RIA), plasma intact PTH (eclIA) and routine chemistries (multianalyser) were determined at baseline once during a whole year. In a subgroup of 36 subjects, a vitamin D loading (suppression) test was also performed to define the lower normal values for these two Vitamin D metabolites.

RESULTS: The estimated lower normal values, based on the results of the vitamin D2 loading test, were 22ng/ml (55nmol/l) for 25(OH)Vitamin D and 24.6pg/ml (59 pmol/l) for 1-25(OH)2Vitamin D.

During the whole year, the incidence of low values was 57.7% for 25(OH)Vitamin D and 33.2% for 1-25(OH)2Vitamin D. A highly significant (p<0.001) positive linear correlation of serum 25(OH)Vitamin D with 1-25(OH)2Vitamin D values and a negative correlation of 25(OH)Vitamin D with intact PTH was observed in the entire group and separately in women without or with osteoporosis and osteopenia.

CONCLUSION: Most of the white normal adults living in a temperate region were vitamin D deficient. The observed correlations between serum concentrations of 25(OH)Vitamin D and 1-25(OH)2Vitamin D as well as of 25(OH)Vitamin D and intact PTH, suggest that 25(OH)Vitamin D is implicated not only in 1-25(OH)2Vitamin D production but also in PTH secretion.

Panagiotis Singhellakis, e-mail: p.singhellakis at gmail.com
Received 08-09-10, Revised 10-12-10, Accepted 20-01-11


Most Greeks less than 22 ng much of the year - especially Jan-May

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Virtually all < 22ng of vitamin D March - May

Many seniors still <22ng of vitamin D July - Oct

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