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56 suppliers of 10000 IU vitamin D – yet 2000 IU toxicity claim persists Oct 2010

As of Oct 28, 2010

At least 56 companies selling 10,000 IU capsules of vitamin D3

At least 15 companies selling 50,000 IU capsules of vitamin D3

USA today stating “but at levels of 2000 IU or more daily, vitamin D can be toxic”.

The 2000 IU toxicity scare got started in the 1950’s, was proven wrong in the 1960’s and has persisted now for over 50 years.

This recalls the Holloween scare of poisoned candy which also lasted for a half a century.

An overview of vitamin D toxicity on the VitaminDWiki has the following graph

Graph of dose vs week

There has never been a death due to excessive vitamin D yet there were 56 deaths per year from NSAIDS

Claims of 2500 UK NSAIDs deaths per year by another source