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Vitamin D for skin anti-aging – liposomal base is probably 1.6X better than oil base (in rats) – July 2019

Liposomal Vitamin D3 as an Anti-aging Agent for the Skin

Pharmaceutics 2019, 11(7), 311; https://doi.org/10.3390/pharmaceutics11070311
Ye Bi 1,2,†, Hongxi Xia 3,†, Lianlian Li 3, Robert J. Lee 3,4, Jing Xie 3, Zongyu Liu 5, Zhidong Qiu 1,6,* and Lesheng Teng 1,3,6,

Vitamin D3 is an effective skin protective substance to prevent photoaging. Liposomes were used as a carrier to deliver vitamin D3 to improve the stability and to enhance the treatment effect of vitamin D3. The stability of vitamin D3 liposomes, average cumulative penetration, and retention of vitamin D3 in the skin were then evaluated and compared with free vitamin D3. Finally, the treatment effect of vitamin D3 liposomes in a rat photoaging model was appraised and Haematoxylin-Eosin (H&E) staining was used to assess the histology changes of the skin after vitamin D3 liposome treatment. The results indicated that liposomes could significantly improve the stability of vitamin D3. The average skin retention of vitamin D3 liposomes was 1.65 times that of the vitamin D3 solution. Vitamin D3 liposomes could repair the surface morphology of skin in the photoaging model and promote the production of new collagen fibers. Vitamin D3 liposomes as a potential skin care agent could significantly improve skin appearance and repair damage in the histology of photoaging.
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Clipped from PDF
“The total skin uptake of VD3 solution and VD3 liposomes were all about 50%. Average cumulative penetration of VD3 solution was about 5.2 times that of VD3 liposomes. However, average retention of VD3 liposomes was 1.65 times that of the VD3 solution. This indicates that the VD3 solution easily penetrated skin tissue. VD3 liposomes tended to be absorbed and stranded by the skin, which might be due to the particle size of VD3 liposomes. It might improve the effect of “VD3 on photoaging
Summary by VitaminDWiki
Vitamin D oils get into skin 5X better than liposome, but liposome is so large that it stays in skin longer
Suggestions by VitaminDWIki
It appears that just applying 60% more of oil base form would result in same skin benefit as liposomal form.
Vitamin D creams (with aloe) are available on Amazon might be pretty good
Vitamin D can probably be added to various DMSO products to get even more penetration

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Liposomal / Nanoemulsion (often only 2X the price of other forms)

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