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NIH (where Faucci works) to debate vaccine mandates - Dec 1, 2021

Vaccine-Mandate Debate Makes It to Federal Agency Where Fauci Works Wall St Journal Nov 7, 2021

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  • "The agency’s main bioethics department has scheduled a Dec. 1 live-streamed roundtable session over the ethics of mandates"
  • "Dr. Memoli said he supports Covid-19 vaccination in high-risk populations including the elderly and obese. But he argues that with existing vaccines, blanket vaccination of people at low risk of severe illness could hamper the development of more-robust immunity gained across a population from infection."
  • "Christine Grady, head of the NIH’s Clinical Center bioethics department,. . . ."
  • "Dr. Grady is married to Dr. Fauci,..."
  • Dr. Memmoli works for Dr, Grady
  • "More than 88% of the NIH’s federal employees were fully vaccinated at the end of October, according to the agency. The rest will need to prove they are vaccinated, or have sought an exemption, before a federal deadline of Nov. 22." (which is BEFORE the debate)

Suspect that Dr. Memoli will be fired Nov 22 for not being vaccinated and so his scheduled debate will be cancelled
Prediction by the founder of VitaminDWiki


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