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VitaminDWiki: Your Go-To Vitamin D Website - 2019

Abstract submitted to Vitamin D Workshop - New York City, May 2019

With abstracts from over 11,000 studies, including :

VitaminDWiki.com is the most comprehensive single source of Vitamin D and related information on the internet.
The information comes from a wide variety of sources, and is easily searchable.
Non-graphical text can be instantly translated into any of over 100 languages.
VitaminDWiki is the only known Vitamin D website that allows direct searching in languages other than English.
Individual items in VitaminDWiki are grouped into 160 categories, including 80 health problems plus categories relating to Vitamin D.
Users will find a quick text summary and graphic overview with background and related studies for any category.
VitaminDWiki provides continuously updated lists not available on other sites.
Information is assembled from many sources to provide broad insights such as the following:

The VitaminDWiki website is updated daily. Users can sign up to be automatically informed of news items in their category of interest, and of changes to an individual web page.. Users can make comments on any page, and, with permission, can make public or private web pages or forums.

Another abstract submitted by VitaminDWiki AI: Exciting opportunity for Vitamin D Researchers

Update: Was not accepted for presentation

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