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Coronavirus travels on air pollution - many studies

7 of the many COVID-Air pollition studies on the web

See also: Air Pollution reduces Vitamin D

Fact: Pollution reduces the amount of time that people are outdoors
Fact: Pollution is often associated with hot temperatures - another reason to not go outdoors
Fact: Less time outdoors results in lower Vitamin D levels
Fact: Pollution attenuates the amount of UVB getting to the skin (but by only a few percent)
Fact:The body's ability to fight Irritation/Inflammation is aided by vitamin D
Fact: All of the types of PM2.5 deaths are also associated with low vitamin D
       Most air pollutions reduce Vitamin D (PM2.5 is worst) – June 2021
Conclusion: Vitamin D supplementation helps the body fight the effects of pollution.

  • There were 60+ references in Air Pollution reduces Vitamin D page as of June 2023
  • Inhaled vitamin D might turn out to be especially good form as it goes directly to the lungs.

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