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Pain reduction with 600,000 IU Vitamin D: RCT announced Dec 2013

Chronic Pain and Vitamin D (DOVID) France

  • 100 People in double blind intervention clinical trial. Vitamin D3 vs placebo
  • 200,000 IU every 15 days: total of 3 doses: day 1, day 15, day 30
  • Pain assessment will be at start, 1.5 and 3 months (quality of life)
  • Inclusion Criteria include
    Chronic and diffuse musculoskeletal pain, without known etiology, lasting for at least 3 months
    Vitamin D level initially <20.8 ng/ml (52 nmol/l)

Contact: Julie Haesebaert julie.haesebaert@chu-lyon.fr

Comment by VitaminDWiki

This is essentially a 600,000 IU loading dose, which, based on previous studies, should work well.
The loading dose amount and time period is very similar to what VitaminDWiki is proposing in the video being created

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