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Obesity, Virus, and Vitamin D - many studies

VitaminDWiki - 19 studies in both categories Obesity and Virus

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Note Vitamin D with exercise and/or fewer calories proven to both reduce weight gain and cause weight loss

Note: Obese need 2.5X more vitamin D


  • Normal weight     Obese     (50 ng = 125 nanomole)

Note: Vitamin D supplementation does not help until level >30 ng

Successful weight loss trials had to pre-dose with vitamin D

Hint: Loading dose gets >30 ng in 1 week, instead of 12 weeks

Loading Dose of Vitamin D category has the following

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see also Overview Loading of vitamin D   Overview Toxicity of vitamin D
Better than Daily 1: Fewer chances to forget, 2) Gets past receptor barrier
Injection category has 62 items
It appears that over 1 million Vitamin D loading doses have been taken
Doses ranged from 100,000 to 600,000 IU over a period of a day to a month
No reports of serious adverse reactions
Many studies report on the benefits resulting from loading doses

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See also web, Pubmed (5 as of Oct 2022)

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