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Vitamin D is needed before most surgeries – many studies and RCTs

Summary recommendations

  1. Loading doses of 300,000 IU Vitamin D have been frequently used for adults
    More than 300,000 IU is sometimes needed for adults
    infants-Children might only need 10,000 IU per kg
  2. Loading dose can spread out over a week or given in a single day
    Surgery should not occur for several days after an oral loading dose
    Surgery should not occur for several weeks after a Vitamin D Injection
  3. A gut-friendly form of Vitamin D should be used if patient has poor digestion
    if the surgery is an emergency, then fast-acting form of vitamin D should be used
    Nanoemulsion sublingual or on skin will raise the Vitamin D level in <12 hours
  4. All of the above also applies to ICU (Intensive Care Unit)
  5. Vitamin D3, not Vitamin D2 should be used
  6. Note: Some Chemotherapy might be amplified by vitamin D. could result in death if chemo dose cannot be decreased

20+ studies: Much better outcome if add Vitamin D before/after surgery






11+ studies: improved ICU outcomes

15+ studies: Poor surgery outcomes if low vitamin D

4+ studies: Surgeries reduce vitamin D Levels

5+ suggestions for Vitamin D before/after surgery

20X fewer problems after surgery (noncardiac) if high level of Vitamin D

The Association of Serum Vitamin D Concentration with Serious Complications After Noncardiac Surgery- 2014

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