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Why Is Inflammation a Dangerous Necessity? (does not mention Vitamin D)

Quanta Magazine April 2022
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  • "Things like cardiovascular disease, or Alzheimer’s, were largely thought to be issues with neurons not functioning as well as they could, or the heart having some issues with metabolism. But really we’re realizing that the root cause of many of these ailments is in fact your immune system going haywire, and not doing its job."
  • " So, is it roughly correct to think of it as like the innate is quick and dirty, and the adaptive system is a little more sophisticated? Slower, but more refined somehow?"
  • Does skin cancer only happen on skin that has been sunburned (infalmmed)?
    • "So if we give a mouse, a brief inflammatory insult on its skin. We give it an irritant. It’s a brief, resolving inflammation. And then we come back and expose it to a carcinogen months later, it forms many more tumors."
    • "But if we compare the mouse that has inflammation versus the one that has never before been inflamed, it’s like tenfold more tumors."
  • It appears that the stem cells in the epidermius, having experienced an inflammation, react more quickly in the future problems
  • "I think it’s pretty cool, because it sort of says, like, your body is constantly learning, and it’s learning at the level of its cells and its DNA. So it’s indexing its experiences. And every cell in the body likely does this, I want to say likely, because we haven’t tested every cell in the body."
  • " So the way it learns is exactly the way the innate immune system learns. Which is, if you have a cell that has never seen inflammation before, or never seen a wound before, it senses that wound, it opens up DNA at key wound-response genes and key inflammatory genes. Once that wound is done, it’s no longer making the protein or the transcript, but the DNA is still accessible and open. So when you have a second assault, it’s much better at responding. So it’s this idea of just remembering and indexing parts of the DNA that it needs, and then it can come back to it."

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Details of associations with Inflammation

CRP (C-Reactive Protein)

CRP is greatly influenced by vitamin D, Omega-3s, and Magnesium, GRH Oct 2023


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