Sleep not helped when half got to 35 ng of Vitamin D (may need 60 ng) – RCT Dec 2021

No improvement of sleep from vitamin D supplementation: insights from a randomized controlled trial

Sleep Medicine: X Volume 3, December 2021,

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Vitamin D has been linked to sleep health in observational studies. Data from randomized controlled trials (RCTs) with vitamin D is scarce.

This study presents the results of a secondary analysis of 189 vitamin D insufficient participants (47.1% women) in a previously performed RCT, of which 92 were randomized to vitamin D (100,000 IU (2500 μg) as a bolus dose followed by 20,000 IU (500 μg) per week), and 97 to placebo. At baseline and after 4 months at the end of the study serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D (s-25(OH)D) was measured, and the study questionnaire assessing sleep duration, daytime sleepiness, and symptoms of insomnia, was completed.

At baseline, mean s-25(OH)D was 35.0 ± 11.8 and 35.5 ± 13.3 nmol/L in the vitamin D and placebo groups, respectively. After four months, we found no statistically significant differences between the intervention groups in any of the assessed sleep outcomes, neither when stratified by sex, nor when performed in subgroups based on baseline or end of study s-25(OH)D level or presence of sleep complaints at baseline.

We were not able to demonstrate a significant effect of vitamin D supplementation on sleep in this vitamin D insufficient population.

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