Annual cost of 1000 IU of Vitamin D daily - Consumer Reports May 2013

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  • at least three samples of each product were analyzed for their level of vitamin D3
  • Average vitamin D3 levels ranged from 105 % to 141 % of the labeled amount


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The fewer days between capsules, the fewer your health problems

Health ProblemPrevent

(RCT = Random Controlled Trial)
Proof #*
2Traumatic Brain Injury T 2X RCT, 20,0000 IU/day24
2Raynaud's SyndromeT 40 % RCT, visual scale10
3Statin-induced Myalgias T
3Sickle Cell T Less painRCT up to 100,000 IU/week22
5MS T ongoing Clinical Trial
5Treated MS
5Parkinson's DiseaseT ongoing Clinical Trial
7Leg ulcer healingT 4X fasterRCT, small study23
7Menstrual painP 76 %RCT, 7000 IU avg11
7 Statin painT 100 %
7Skin problems resolvedT 70 %
7 Fibromyalgia Significantly reduced T
9 Chronic kidney disease T 50 % of the people, (no dialysis)
12Diabetes T2T 62 % RCT, CRP reduction, 4000 IU 4
12Pregnancy risks P 50 % RCT, 4000 IU12
12C-section, unplannedP 50 % RCT, 4000 IU, small study13
12Respiratory Tract InfectionP 63 %RCT 4000 IU 1 year20
15LupusT No flaresLoad then 100,000/month21
21HypertensionT 149 to 142 RCT, mm Hg avg., 2400 IU1
25Influenza P 90 % RCT, 2000 IU6
45Breast Cancer P 60 % RCT 1100 IU16
50 Cardiovascular T 32 % Death after heart failure2

   * Proof # Vitamin D Proof: Random controlled Trials

Many Vitamin D capsules are as small as a pea

Pea Corn and capsule of vitamin D - picture .jpg

Note that 1000 IU dose analyzed by Consumer Reports is perhaps the smallest adult dose made in the US

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Consumerlabs Supplement Survey – Highlights Feb 2013
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