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IQ levels around the world are falling (perhaps lower Vitamin D, Iodine, or Omega-3)

What's Driving the Decline in IQ Scores? Mercola June 2018

Mercola postulates that GLOBAL IQ decline is due to increases in

  • Fluoride – seems unlikely since most countries do not use Fluoride
  • Flame retardants s-eems unlikely since most countries do not use them
  • Pesticides – seems unlikely since pesticide use has DECREASED in recent decades
  • Chemical exposures to children

VitaminDWiki: Perhaps due to Reduced Vitamin D

VitaminDWiki: Perhaps due to Reduced Iodine

VitaminDWiki: Perhaps due to Reduced Omega-3

VitaminDWiki: Perhaps due to reductions in BOTH

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IQ is increasing?

IQ scores dropped 7 points in Norwegian military conscripts in a generation - July 2018

6 reasons why IQ scores are dropping every generation since the 1970’s

  • "A recent British study – which demonstrated that IQ scores have fallen by 2.5 to 4.3 points every decade since the end of World War II – helps to corroborate the results of the Norwegian research."
  • Note on VitaminDWiki:    Military and Vitamin D - many studies

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