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Vitamin D Random Controlled Trials are becoming impossible

The way it used to be:

Randomized Controlled Trials used to be the "gold standard" of medicine.
Randomized Controlled Trials with Vitamin D used to be easy.
Randomiy choose people to be in one of 2 (or more) groups
Give vitamin D to one group and a placebo to the other. (typically daily, weekly or monthly)
   People rarely became aware of which group they were in.
Run the trial for 2-24 months and note the differences

Along comes the web and smartphones:
  (Reason #1: Many people now find out about vitamin D benefits)

Now many people quickly become aware of which group they are in
There are a huge number of indications when a person is getting enough vitamin D (> 40 nanograms) to make a difference
A person getting enough vitamin D will quickly notice a decrease/elimination in

Reason #2: Unable to find participants who will have 50% chance of having NO vitamin D for a while

Reason #3: Ethics

Reason #4 - If enough Vitamin D is given to make a difference, participants soon know which group they are in

People in RCT used to know that they were getting the trial drug because they had so many BAD side effects
People in RCT with Vitamin D know which group they are in because of so many GREAT side effects
Thus it is very difficult to blind the patients and doctors as to who is getting enough vitamin D

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