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Clinical trials using a LOT of vitamin D intervention – Jan 2015

Some of the 1482 Vitamin D3 intervention Trials:
Phases include planning, recruiting, ongoing, and completed
Note Rank: appears to be just a sorting #, and has no significance about the importance of the trial

Periodic dosing

40,000 IU daily: Prostate Pathology   Before Breast Cancer Surgery

50,000 IU weekly, biweekly, monthly 128 studies

10,000 IU daily: Heart Failure    Crohn's Disease   Prior to Bariatric Surgery   Parkinson's Disease   Muscle Metabolic Function

50,000 IU daily for 15 days + maint Treatment of Vitamin D Insufficiency

5,000 IU daily < 53 studies

1,000,000 IU every 3 months: HIV-infected Youth

Single dose - with possible maint.

1,000,000 IU single dose: Severe Pneumonia – age 13-59 months

600,000 IU single with maint. Prevention of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

540,000 IU single with maint. VITdAL@ICU 

400,000 IU single dose: Sepsis in ICU

300,000 IU single dose: Male Infertility

250,000 IU single dose: Prevent Winter Decline in Vitamin D   Cystic Fibrosis

Unaware of a single trial which

  • Includes vital cofactors (Magnesium, Vitamin K2, etc)
  • Test people first to see if they are allergic to vitamin D
  • Consider any of the 20+ reasons for a low-response to vitamin D
  • Vary the dose with the weight of the person

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