Live 14 years longer with healthy lifestyle (2 years longer if good vitamin D) – Dr. Greger Oct 2019

Turning the Clock Back 14 Years


  • “In 1903 Thomas Edison predicted that [“the doctor of the future [would] give no medicine, but [would instead] instruct [their] patient in the care of [he] human frame in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease[s].” A hundred and one years later, the American College of Lifestyle Medicine was born.”
  • ““Adhering to [just] 4 simple healthy lifestyle factors can have a strong impact on the prevention of chronic diseases.”
    • Not smoking,
    • not being obese,
    • half-hour of exercise a day, and
    • eating healthier—like more fruits, veggies, whole grains, less meat.
    • Four simple things cut our risk of developing a chronic disease by 78%. 95% of disease risk, out the window; 80% of heart-attack risk, gone. Half of stroke risk, a third of cancer risk; simply gone.”

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Plant-based diet extends lifespan by 10 years

Vitamin D is the 3rd most important contributor to health,
   and the lowest-cost way to improve health

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Dr. Grant on vitamin D and mortality in VitaminDWiki

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