Vitamin D is good, but must balance Vitamins A and K2 to prevent Calcification – Masterjohn Aug 2014

Masterjohn video 36 minute

Normally we have lots of Ca in the blood – which is needed to add Ca to bones
Normally do not have Ca being deposited in wrong locations – kidney stones, arteries
Deposition only happens when Vitamin D is increased without also increasing Vitamins A and K

A few slides from the video

Image Image Image Image Image

It is interesting that the vitamin D problem did not occur until there was 50,000 IU/kilogram/feed
Which appears to be about 75,000 IU per day for a human adult.

Overview Toxicity of vitamin D has the following chart
Graph of dose vs week
Note: 75,000 IU daily for just 4 weeks is toxic for humans - if not balance the cofactors

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    "Vitamin D should be taken with vitamin K2, as this can lead to health risks otherwise"

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