Replies to doctor’s comments about high dose Vitamin D for Multiple Sclerosis– Nov 2016

Argumentation assistance in discussions with doctors (translated from German)

The usual experience of MS patients who want to get their doctor and neurologist for the Coimbra protocol is disappointing. Instead of openness and curiosity for a new, proven approach for years, neurologists show rejection.

In order to facilitate discussion with them, this document lists the common arguments that neurologists have made, as well as the best answers.

The option for a doctor to decide against therapy must be considered. Physicians have freedom of therapy, ie they can and may choose which therapy to use. Should a doctor decide against the Coimbra Protocol, it is his right. In this case you look for a new doctor.

Arguments and how to use them

"Improvement in MS? Then the diagnosis was wrong."


"Vitamin D is just a hype."


  • "So, any of the 1012 studies that you get on pubmed for the terms 'vitamin d' and 'multiple sclerosis' and that demonstrate the link between decreased activity of autoimmune activity is nothing more than a hype? Results of the SOLAR study presented at this year's ECTRIMS Congress? "

"The results of the solar study are not significant (meaning not meaningful)."

"... At most, they point out that therapy with interferon is safe and can be positively supported by the administration of vitamin D. If you want, you may like to have a prescription for vitamin D to the interferon 20,000 decristol really great experiences with it. "

  • "According to Dr. Coimbra's research, interferons inhibit vitamin D metabolism, so the study was a kind of 'handbrake-driven ride'.
    • a) was too low vitamin D dose
    • b) the effect was inhibited by the concomitant administration of interferon.
  • All the more amazing that the vitamin D-treated patients had an improvement in inflammatory activity and relapse rate compared to the placebo group. Imagine what would be possible with the sole immune modulation of TH17-Rektion by higher doses of vitamin D without interferon! "

"The results of the solar study are sobering. Improvements were not detected. "


  • "The solar study has worked with far too low doses. Here, in the phrase about the Coimbra protocol that lies ahead of you, states that 1,000 IU per kilogram of body weight must be taken daily. With my weight - and you can see me in front of me - far more than the 10,000 IU used in the solar studies have to be taken. Vitamin D can do more if you follow the Coimbra protocol. "

"You should think about a basic therapy / you are a candidate for escalation therapy."


  • "I have been extensively informed about the facts, data and facts about basic therapy: Do you know, for example, the study by UKE Hamburg that only 14 out of 100 patients benefit from a basic therapy, but 28 out of 100 have serious side effects without any benefit? The brochure can be found here:üre-immuntherapie.pdf
  • Dr. Coimbra, on the other hand, achieves full remission according to the NEDA standard in 95% of all treated patients with his protocol. "What that is, can be read here:

"With such high doses of vitamin D, there is a risk of kidney failure."


  • "Your colleague and neurologist, Dr. Coimbra, believes that vitamin D levels of vitamin D are high in MS patients, so these high doses can not be as effective in MS patients as they are in healthy patients, and in more than 1,500 patients treated over 12 years, There has been no case of kidney failure, and as long as you are on a low calcium diet you will not develop hypercalcaemia. "
  • "The opposite is the case: in nephrology (Nephrology), vitamin D is used in renal insufficiency."
  • "Which study proves that?"

"With such high doses of vitamin D, kidney stones can form. Such doses can be deadly. "


  • "Dr. Coimbra did not get any kidney stones and nobody dies of it. On the contrary, 95% of his patients lead a normal life again. The 5% others did not stick to it. He has it. How he did it is in this expression. But well, you do not want to, is your right. "* Hand to say goodbye *" Or do you want to think again, to be able to do that too? "

"This 'vitamin D resistance' is initially only a hypothesis without evidence."


  • "This is not just a hypothesis, that is certain: polymorphic changes to either of the two vitamin D hydroxylases (especially 1-alpha hydroxylase) or the vitamin D receptor or to DBP (vitamin D binding protein) have been reported in identified and reported on various studies related to autoimmune diseases. "

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