Atopic Dermatitus more likely if e-cigarette, passive smoke while pregnant or Caesarean

E-Cigarette use increased risk of Atopic Dermatitis Risk by 24% - May 2024

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Passive smoking while pregnant increased Atopic Dermatitis Risk in Children by 52% - March 2024

Maternal tobacco exposure during pregnancy and atopic dermatitis in offspring: A systematic review and meta-analysis
Ling Chao, Wenjuan Liang, Xiangmei Zhao, Zhenzhen Liang, Weidong Wu, Jie Song, Wenjie Ren
First published: 14 March 2024

The main purpose of this review was to examine the evidence of the relationship between active smoking or passive smoking during pregnancy and atopic dermatitis in offspring. The protocol was written following the PRISMA Checklist and was registered in the PROSPERO database (registration number CRD42022381136). We implemented a comprehensive search in PubMed, Embase and Web of Science databases to identify all potentially related articles from inception through 1 December 2022. We assessed cohort studies and case–control studies using the Newcastle–Ottawa Scale (NOS), and the Joanna Briggs Institute (JBI) critical appraisal tool to assess the quality of cross-sectional studies. Heterogeneity was investigated by using Cochrane Q tests and I2 statistics. In addition, according to the research design, population source and population size, the reasons for the heterogeneity were analysed. A total of 15 observational studies were included in this analysis.
Our meta-analysis suggests that atopic dermatitis in offspring is not associated with active smoking during pregnancy (pooled OR, 0.96 [95% CI 0.86–1.07]); however, it is related to passive smoking (OR, 1.52 [95% CI 1.36–1.70]). Passive smoking during pregnancy is associated with an increased risk of eczema development in offspring. More research is needed to explore the risk of active smoking and eczema development in offspring, especially the association between measurements of pregnancy cotinine levels in maternal body fluids and AD in offspring.

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VitaminDWiki – Low Vitamin D is worse for your health than smoking contains:

Vitamin D Deficiency is worse than smoking Vitamin D DeficiencySmoking
Increase in a health problem19 X Dementia
60 X Rickets
55 X Surgery after bone fracture
23 X Vertigo
23 X Lung Cancer
Cause of premature death each year in US400,000
5X more likely to survive
Lung Cancer if high Vit D
480,000 (CDC)
Causes of problem 1) Less Sunlight
2) Less D in Food
3) Less Magnesium
4) Lower Omega-3 index
Associated with top causes of death 10 of the top 11 6 of top 11
Number of PubMed studies before US consensus>29,000 7,000
Number of associated diseases > 300 39
The number of randomized controlled
trials which have confirmed the problem
> 600 0 trials found
Perhaps 30 years from problem indication
until US consensus
1990 - 2020?1934-1964

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