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Silicon, Vitamin D and Bone Health - multiple studies

Silicon: A neglected micronutrient essential for bone health – March 2021

Exp Biol Med (Maywood) . 2021 Mar 9;1535370221997072. doi: 10.1177/1535370221997072 PDF expected to be frree June 2022
Mariangela Rondanelli 1 2, Milena A Faliva 3, Gabriella Peroni 3, Clara Gasparri 3, Simone Perna 4, Antonella Riva 5, Giovanna Petrangolini 5, Alice Tartara 3

Bone matrix is predominantly made up of collagen, and in vitro and in animal models studies have shown that silicon is linked to glycosaminoglycans and plays an important role in the formation of cross-links between collagen and proteoglycans, determining the beneficial effects on strength, composition, and mechanical properties of bone. However, there are still no precise indications regarding a possible role of silicon on bone health in humans. Given this background, the aim of this narrative review was to consider the effectiveness of silicon dietary intake and silicon dietary supplementation (alone or with other micronutrients), in order to suggest a daily dosage of Si supplementation, on bone mineral density in humans. This review included eight eligible studies: four regarding dietary intake and four considering supplementation with silicon alone or with other nutrients. Despite the number of studies considered being low, the number of subjects studied is high (10012) and the results are interesting.
Although to date the available scientific evidences are not considered valid enough to allow to establish an adequate level of Silicon intake, based on extrapolations from the data obtained with studies on animal and human models, it has been suggested that an adequate intake in order to promote beneficial effects for bone could be considered to be around 25 mg silicon/day.
As for silicon dietary supplements, it has been shown that the combined treatment with orthosilicic acid (6 mg), calcium, and vitamin D has a potentially beneficial effect on femoral BMD compared to only use of calcium and vitamin D.


Vitamin D with Silicon Chelates a great for healing bone (in rodents)- May 2022

Experimental Testing of the Action of Vitamin D and Silicon Chelates in Bone Fracture Healing and Bone Turnover in Mice and Rats
Nutrients 2022, 14(10), 1992; https://doi.org/10.3390/nu14101992
by Aleksey Bychkov 1,2,*ORCID,Vyacheslav Koptev 3,Varvara Zaharova 3,Polina Reshetnikova 4,Elena Trofimova 2,Elena Bychkova 4,Ekaterina Podgorbunskikh 2ORCID andOleg Lomovsky 2
1 Scientific Department, Moscow State University of Food Production, 11 Volokolamskoe Hwy., 125080 Moscow, Russia
2 Laboratory of Mechanochemistry, Institute of Solid State Chemistry and Mechanochemistry SB RAS, 18 Kutateladze, 630090 Novosibirsk, Russia
3 Laboratory of Young Animal Diseases, Siberian Federal Scientific Center of Agro-Biotechnologies RAS, 2b Centralnaya, 630501 Novosibirsk, Russia
4 Department of Business, Novosibirsk State Technical University, 20 Prospekt K. Marksa, 630073 Novosibirsk, Russia

This study presents findings on the biological action of an integrated supplement containing the following components involved in osteogenesis and mineralization: vitamin D and silicon in the bioavailable and soluble form. A hypothesis that these components potentiate one another’s action and make calcium absorption by the body more efficient was tested. Biological tests of the effect of vitamin D and silicon chelates on bone fracture healing and bone turnover were conducted using ICR mice and albino Wistar rats. Radiographic and biochemical studies show that the supplement simultaneously containing silicon chelates and vitamin D stimulates bone tissue regeneration upon mechanical defects and accelerates differentiation of osteogenic cells, regeneration of spongy and compact bones, and restoration of bone structure due to activation of osteoblast performance. Bone structure restoration was accompanied by less damage to skeletal bones, apparently due to better absorption of calcium from food. The studied supplement has a similar effect when used to manage physiologically induced decalcification, thus holding potential for the treatment of osteomalacia during pregnancy or occupational diseases (e.g., for managing bone decalcification in astronauts).
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  • FACT: Bones need Calcium (this has been known for a very long time)
  • FACT: Vitamin D improves Calcium bioavailability (3X ?)
  • FACT: Should not take > 750 mg of Calcium if taking lots of vitamin D (Calcium becomes too bio-available)
  • FACT: Adding vitamin D via Sun, UV, or supplements increased vitamin D in the blood
  • FACT: Vitamin D supplements are very low cost
  • FACT: Many trials, studies. reviews, and meta-analysis agree: adding vitamin D reduces osteoporosis
  • FACT: Toxic level of vitamin D is about 4X higher than the amount needed to reduce osteoporosis
  • FACT: Co-factors help build bones.
  • FACT: Vitamin D Receptor can restrict Vitamin D from getting to many tissues, such as bones
  • It appears that to TREAT Osteoporosis:
  •        Calcium OR vitamin D is ok
  •        Calcium + vitamin D is good
  •        Calcium + vitamin D + other co-factors is great
  •        Low-cost Vitamin D Receptor activators sometimes may be helpful
  • CONCLUSION: To PREVENT many diseases, including Osteoporosis, as well as TREAT Osteoporosis
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Note: Osteoporosis causes bones to become fragile and prone to fracture
  Osteoarthritis is a disease where damage occurs to the joints at the end of the bones

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Note: The founder of VitaminDWki has been adding Siicon n the form of extremely low cost hosetail for many year
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