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No Vitamin D Pandemic - they assert that most need less than 20 ng - NEJM Nov 2016

Vitamin D Deficiency — Is There Really a Pandemic?

N Engl J Med 2016; 375:1817-1820 November 10, 2016DOI: 10.1056/NEJMp1608005
JoAnn E. Manson, M.D., Dr.P.H.,
Patsy M. Brannon, Ph.D., R.D.,
Clifford J. Rosen, M.D., and
Christine L. Taylor, Ph.D.

I purchased the NEJM paper ($20) which dozens of websites were reporting on
Report content was virtually identical due to copying from a NEJM news release.
Example titles include

  • Too many people are worried about vitamin D deficiency, experts say
    "Only 13 percent of Americans aged 1 to 70 are at risk of being deficient in vitamin D — and less than 6 percent are deficient."
  • Vitamin D deficiency is widely overestimated, doctors warn"
  • Vitamin D deficiency may be widely overestimated
  • Doctors warn about overdosing on Vitamin D
  • Don’t Worry About Getting More Vitamin D, Doctors Reassure
  • Why you probably don't need more Vitamin D
  • Too many people are being told they have a vitamin D deficiency

The paper cannot be posted on the web - The paper is behind a $20 paywall

My comment
They think that 600 IU will provide 97% of the non-seniors (including obese, pregnant, dark skinned, etc) with enough Vitamin D (for bone health). They believe that 97% of non-seniors need LESS than 20 ng (for bone health)

"Less than 6% are deficient in vitamin D [serum 25(OH)D levels <12.5 ng per milliliter"
   Their reference is the IoM report - that data for which is now 8 years out of date

Here are a few papers papers which strongly disagree

  • Bone fractures reduced by a minimum of 800 IU vitamin D and Calcium – meta-meta-analysis March 2014
  • Professor who concluded that vitamin D (800 IU) does not help bones got 324,000 dollar prize- Nov 2015
  • Bone health best with 40 nanograms of vitamin D – Oct 2015
  • 800 IU Vitamin D proven again to not be enough to stop bone loss - Aug 2015

See also VitaminDWiki

People die sooner if they have less than 36 ng of vitamin D
   click on chart for details
Huge decrease in many health problems as increase vitamin D > 20 nanograms
derived from Grassroots 2013
   click on chart for details
Intervention - Vitamin D includes a table of recent studies in which Vitamin D is given and results are observed
Studies in VitaminDWiki

Year Randomized
Interventions Meta-
2017- 4852
2016- 5140

Note: Govt recommendations in 2015 often ignored data after 2011

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