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Hip fractures rates have been increasing since 2012 – Feb 2018

A Perfect Storm for Broken Bones New York Times

Age-adjusted hip fracture rates were decreasing until 2012, but have since been increasing
Bisphosphonates (Fosomax) were started in mid 90’s may have led to the decline before 2012. Problems were found with it, such that prescriptions were reduced by 50% after 2010.

Possible reasons for increased hip fractures

  1. Reduced use of Bisphosphonates
    Want to avoid side effects
    Cost of drug - especially with higher deductables
  2. Sharply reduced Medicare reimbursements for bone density testing
  3. Lower vitamin D (not mentioned as a possibility)
  4. Taking too much Calcium – not mentioned in NYT, see below

A Crisis in the Treatment of Osteoporosis 2016 editorial is referenced
 Download the PDF from VitaminDWiki


Vitamin D has been proven to do all of the following

  1. Reduce chance of falling by increasing muscle speed
  2. Reduce chance of breaking bones by making them stronger
  3. Improve the recovery from hip fracture

Pages listed in BOTH the categories Falls/Fracture and Meta-analysis

Falls and Fractures category contains the following summary



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  • Side effects of bisphosphonates
    Increased bone pain, Digestive problems, Pain at injection site, Flu-like symptoms, Low calcium levels. Change in kidney function, Skin rash, Osteonecrosis
  • Fosamax $34/pill - weekly? 2017
    Note: Vitamin D costs 20 cents per week - but no profit to Big-Pharma

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