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Dog Cancer 4X more likely if low Vitamin D – Nov 2015

New Study Shows Dogs with Low Vitamin D Are At Risk For Cancer DogsNaturally

Some other factors that are known to decrease the ability to convert dietary vitamin D to 25-VitD:

  • Polyunsaturated fats can decrease the bioavailability of vitamin D
  • Fluoride (which is present in many pet foods and water supplies)
    decreases magnesium, which is an essential cofactor for vitamin D
  • Strong magnetic fields can reduce vitamin D levels
  • PCBs increase the risk of deficiency by 3%
  • Roundup (glyphosate, which is present in foods and the environment) decreases vitamin D
  • Flame retardants (which are 10 times higher in dogs than humans) inactivate vitamin D
  • Low magnesium in foods
  • Spay/Neuter (spayed females have 10% less 25VitD than intact females and neutered males have 30% less than intact males)
  • Kidney disease (prevents the conversion of 25VitD to the usable form of vitamin D)
  • Exposure to DDT and other pesticides
  • Certain drugs (as well as St Johns wort and mineral oil) can consume or block vitamin D

The effect of diet on serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D concentrations in dogs

Huge differences in vitamin D levels after eating different brands of dog food
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There is a growing body of evidence that low stores of vitamin D are associated with a wide range of diseases in dogs and cats
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refers to 13 studies - 2015?

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