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Ablation does not reduce atrial fibrillation (CABANA study) but Magnesium does – June 2018

To Ablate or Not to Ablate – That is the Question Dr. Carol Dean

  • “Unfortunately, there are no magnesium reps that go to doctor’s offices to give them samples or educate them in the application of magnesium so it continues to be ignored.””

What Is the Role of Ablation for AF in a Post-CABANA World? Medscape May 2018

  • “There are hundreds of thousands of procedures (ablations) done every year worldwide. The volumes are growing 10%, 15%, to 20% every year.”
  • “Essentially, it was a trial looking at a high-risk population of AF patients randomized to catheter ablation for AF or drug therapy. “
  • “A couple of years ago they changed the primary endpoint to a composite of mortality, serious bleeding, stroke, and hospitalizations.”

The trial took a long time to be completed. Both doctors and patients so believed in the placebo effect of ablation that they did not want to try drug alternatives, Magnesium was not even considered

Update June 2019 Still no placebo controlled trial for Atrial Defib by Ablation

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