Sept 2012 Vitamin D News

Sunday October 14, 2012

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Far more vitamin D publications than other vitamins - Sept 2012 Vitamin Publications: see More Vitamin Invervention trials for D than for the total of Vitamins A, C, E, and K Vitamin D 915 vs 798 = "Vitamin A" 188 + "Vitamin C" 269 + "Vitamin E" 236 + "Vitamin K" 105

TB treatment helped with Vitamin D – RCT Sept 2012 Note: There were 14 TB and Vitamin D Invervention Clinical Trials as of Sept 2012

Multidrug-resistant TB may be reduced with vitamin D – Sept 2012

Vitamin D probably can prevent and treat TB and infectious diseases – 2012

Overweight women lost fat in 12 weeks with just 1000 IU vitamin D daily – Sept 2012 Random Controlled Trial

Weight loss of at least 10 % resulted in 5 ng increase in vitamin D levels – Sept 2012

Prescribing Sunshine - book Aug 2012 great first book to read on Vitamin D

Small for gestational age and insulin at age 6 – Sept 2012

Hypothesis: vitamin D suppresses skin cancer – Sept 2012

Increasing bone mineral density increases breast cancer by at least 2X – Aug 2012

Higher vitamin D in pregnancy resulted in 2X better infant psychomotor and mental scores – Sept 2012

Low vitamin D pregnancy associated with both low birth weight and more weight in child later – July 2012

Vitamin D conferences and special issues - 2013 started by Dr. Grant

80 year olds had better cognition and stood better if high level of vitamin D – Sept 2012

Cerebrovascular disease 40 % less likely if high level of vitamin D – meta-analysis Sept 2012 Strokes, etc

Diabetes 3.5X less likely if more than 25 ng Vitamin D – Sept 2012

African-Americans need only 20 ng of vitamin, not 30 ng, based on iPTH – Sept 2012 Has links to many similar results

Forearm fracture 3.5X more often in black children with low levels of vitamin D – Sept 2012

Pre-cursor of active vitamin D made from plants is better than calcitriol – Sept 2012 Time delay from taking till maximum result in body: 6-12 hours vs 1 hour for calcitriol

Colds not stopped in people who were vitamin D sufficient – RCT Oct 2012 which has the following graph Image

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