Weight loss of at least 10 percent resulted in 5 ng increase in vitamin D levels – Sept 2012

Increased weight loss seen in women who took a vitamin D serum

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, September 7, 2012 — San Francisco, CA – A study led by Cheryl L. Rock of University of Alabama at Birmingham in Birmingham, AL has showed that weight loss in obese women boosts Vitamin D serum.

The increased serum in women was 25-hydroxyvitamin D or 25(OH)D concentration in overweight or obese women. Earlier studies had linked it to low circulating levels of vitamin D and have been associated with increased risk of cancer and heart diseases among several other diseases.

The study goes on to show that obesity is independently correlated with lower serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D. The study was initially meant to prospectively examine if weight loss is in any way associated with increased level of serum vitamin D in overweight or obese women.

The data used for the study was collected from 383 overweight or obese women. The women went through a two year clinical trial of the weight-loss program. Of the 383 women, 195 women lost at least five percent of baseline weight within 24 months while 67 women lost five to 10 percent and 128 women lost greater than 10 percent.

The serum levels of the overweight or obese women who have lost five to 10 percent of baseline body weight increased their serum vitamin D levels measured as 25(OH)D by 2.

The women who had greater than 10 percent had increased levels of serum vitamin D levels by 5.0ng/ml whereas the women who did not lose any weight had an increase of 1.9ng/ml.

The researchers added,

“These findings suggest that weight loss, presumably associated with a reduction in body fat, is associated with increased serum 25(OH)D concentration in overweight or obese women.”

There are more than 100 health conditions including up to 17 cancers, heart disease, obesity, dementia, high blood pressure and depression associated with low vitamin D levels.



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