Vitamin D: Oxidative Stress, Immunity, and Aging – book Oct 2012

Series: Oxidative Stress and DiseasePublished:
December 05, 2012 by CRC Press - 480 Pages
Editor:Adrian F. Gombart
Hardback $149.95 ISBN 9781439850206Cat# K12283


Focuses on the role of vitamin D in oxidation, immunity, and aging

Includes the molecular and cellular mechanisms responsible for the benefits of vitamin D

Covers the role vitamin D plays in oxidative stress including cancer, the nervous system, stress-mediated diseases, photoprotection and energy metabolism

Discusses the role of vitamin D in the regulation of the aging process and its impact on diseases of aging including senescence, mortality, cardiovascular disease, and inflammation

Oxidative stress, immune function and aging will be important common threads for the discussions in each chapter


Vitamin D deficiency is a worldwide public health problem in both developed and developing nations. This book focuses on the role of vitamin D in three areas: oxidation, immunity and aging. The text presents new information on the action of vitamin D in regulating numerous aspects of health, disease, and aging. The author addresses the molecular and cellular mechanism responsible for the benefits of vitamin D and discusses the role of vitamin D in oxidative stress, including cancer, the nervous system, stress-mediated diseases, photoprotection, and energy metabolism, as well in the regulation of the aging process and its impact on diseases of aging, mortality, cardiovascular disease, and inflammation.

Table of Contents

Vitamin D: An Overview

Vitamin D: A Fountain of Youth in Gene Regulation; Peter W. Jurutka, G. Kerr Whitfield, Ryan Forster, Shane Batie, Jamie Lee, and Mark R. Haussler
Vitamin D Receptor: Genomic and Epigenomic Effects; Prashant K. Singh and Moray J. Campbell
Vitamin D Analogs and Their Clinical Uses; Glenville Jones
Extrarenal CYP27B1 and Vitamin D Physiology; Martin Hewison

Oxidative Stress

Vitamin D and Oxidative Stress; Huei-Ju Ting and Yi-Fen Lee
Vitamin D3 Upregulated Protein 1 (VDUP1): Roles in Redox Signaling and Stress-Mediated Diseases; Dong Oh Kim, Hyun Woo Suh, Haiyoung Jung, Young Jun Park, and Inpyo Choi
Vitamin D and Its Role in Photoprotection of the Skin; Clare Gordon-Thomson, Wannit Tongkao-on, and Rebecca S. Mason
Vitamin D and Adipose Tissue: 1α, 25-Dihydroxyvitamin D3 (Calcitriol) Modulation of Energy Metabolism, Reactive Oxygen Species, and Inflammatory Stress; Antje Bruckbauer and Michael B. Zemel
Membrane Receptors for Vitamin D Metabolites and the Role of Reactive Oxygen Species; Ramesh C. Khanal and Ilka Nemere

Immunity and Disease

Vitamin D and Human Innate Immunity; Eun-Kyeong Jo, Dong-Min Shin, and Robert L. Modlin
Vitamin D and Autoimmune Disease; Colleen E. Hayes, Corwin D. Nelson, and Justin A. Spanier
Vitamin D: Anti-Inflammatory Actions to Prevent and Treat Diseases; Jun Sun
Vitamin D and Infection; Jim Bartley and Carlos A. Camargo, Jr.


Potential Role of Vitamin D and Fibroblast Growth Factor 23–Klotho System in Aging; Nasimul Ahsan, Syed K. Rafi, Beate Lanske, and Mohammed S. Razzaque
Vitamin D and Cardiovascular Disease; Jared P. Reis and Pamela L. Lutsey
Vitamin D, Aging, and Chronic Diseases; Pentti Tuohimaa
Vitamin D: Defending the Aging Nervous System; Cédric Annweiler

Adrian F. Gombart (editor)

received a Ph.D. degree in microbiology from the University of Washington. For many years, he was an assistant and associate professor at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and the David Geffen School of Medicine at the University of California, Los Angeles, in the Department of Biomedical Sciences and Division of Hematology and Oncology. He is currently a principal investigator in the Linus Pauling Institute and an associate professor in the Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics at Oregon State University. Dr. Gombart is a member of the American Society for Hematology and the Society for Leukocyte Biology. Dr. Gombart’s research interests focus on the role of vitamin D in the innate immune response against infection. His laboratory studies the regulation of antimicrobial peptide gene expression by vitamin D and other nutritional compounds. He was recognized for his contributions to the field of vitamin D and immunity, with a Young Investigator Award from the Vitamin D Workshop in 2005.

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