If you have inherited longevity genes you can take 200 IU less vitamin D - Nov 2012

Leiden Longevity Study described at Vitamin D Council

Looked at people >89 and their children and used their partners as controls

For the kids of the seniors who were 90+ and had

64 nmol vs 69 nmol for controls (partners)
2X as many study as controls (why? Should be about equal)

Average age of kids: 59
Whites only
Did not measure tanning bed nor sun

Looking carefully: Kids who were offspring of the parents who were > 90 had 4 nmol lower vitamin D level than their spouses.

Possible conclusion from this data include:

  • If your parent lives a long time, you have a behavior that keeps you indoors more
  • If your parent lives a long time, your genes allow you to not need as high level of vitamin D in your blood

How much more IU of vitamin D is needed to typically increase blood level by 4 nnmol?

27 ng: 8 ng per 1000 IU
4nmol = 1.6 ng = 200 IU

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