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Increase your vitamin D from the sun by wearing a tan-through instead of standard shirt

Standard shirts block virtually all ultraviolet radiation from the sun.
Tan-through shirts permit some UVA (tan) and UVB (vitamin D) radiation to get to the skin
Tan-through shirt appears to have an equivalent SPF = 2 in UVB spectra
Thus, the skin covered by a tan-thru shirt generates about 1/2 of the vitamin D than that of skin directly exposed to the sun

Image Image

If you want to generate the same amount of vitamin D and have less UVB on each square inch on skin you can expose more skin to the UVB.

Maximizing the UVB/UVA ratio appears to
    Reduce the damage to the skin
    Increase the amount of vitamin D generated
UVB/UVA is maximized at solar noon +- 2 hours.

I (Henry Lahore, admin of VitaminDWiki) purchased a tan-through T shirt July 2013
Update March 2015 - own several "vitamin D" shirts

There are several companies making that type of shirt
I happened to buy mine from: http://www.tanthrough.com/index.htm

Relative number of minutes in sun

  • 45 minutes long sleeved shirt +pants (11% skin)
  • 20 minutes T shirt + pants (25% skin)
  • 14 minutes T shirt + shorts (35% skin)
  • 13 minutes Tan-through T shirt + pants (38% skin) = 25% + (26% trunk X 50% shirt)
       tan-through T shirt provides about as much vitamin D as wearing shorts
  • 10 minutes no shirt + pants (50% skin)
  • 7 minutes no shirt,+ shorts (88% skin)

What I normally wear in the summer when mowing the lawn, shopping: Tan-thru T shirt + shorts = 75% skin

Note: The above does not indicate IU of vitamin D as the amount of time also varies with:

  • latitude
  • standing up/lying down
  • season,
  • skin color

Of course, not wearing a shirt is often socially unacceptable for

  • seniors, and many adults
  • obese
  • women
  • Golfing, playing baseball, gardening, walking in a park, bicycling, hiking, jogging, picnicking, etc.

Also, a tan-through shirt should keep you somewhat warmer in cooler temperatures.


Note: A standard T shirt has about 1/100 UVB vs tan-through has 1/2 UVB


Update June 2014 - bought a poloshirt which is tan thru

From their literature.
Microsol fabric which is a gas infused polymer with 2X the surface area of standard fabric - allowing more wicking moisture
lets more of the tanning rays and less of the burning rays to pass thru

Found a 2008 patent application http://www.google.com/patents/WO2008129278A2?cl=en which specifically mentions use for burka. Apparently a patent was not awarded.

Many companies have tan-thru fabric on Alibaba

Perhaps I will get around to making a superman logo which I can occastionally attache to the shirt

Image Image

See also VitaminDWiki

Short url = is.gd/cooltanD

Increase your vitamin D from the sun by wearing a tan-through instead of standard shirt        

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