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Minutes in the Sun for 1000 IU

From http://nadir.nilu.no/~olaeng/fastrt/VitD-ez_quartMED.html a lot more detail there

25 microgram = 1000 IU Assuming every other day exposure (so actually 2,000 IU every second day)
Baseline = August, grass, pale Caucasian, cloudless, 45 degrees latitude; hands+ face + arms exposed, every other day.

  • Time to get an average of 1000 IU, but in the sun every second day = 4 minutes
Change just one variable Minutes
If Latitude 30 degrees* 2
If Latitude 60 degrees* 7
If Fall (Nov 1) 25
If Winter (Feb 1)** 35
If High Altitude (2.2 KM) 3
If Dark Skin (Middle Eastern) 11
If Overcast 19
If older than 70 12
If in bathing suit (75% of skin exposed)*** 1.3

Skin percentages: Face 3.5%, neck 2%, trunk 26%, hands 6%, arms 14%, legs 14%, thighs 18%.

Concerning hands - unsure if the palms generate any vitamin D since palms generally do not tan


30 degrees Florida, Cairo, Chongquing, Perth
45 degrees Seattle, Ottawa, Paris, Harbin, Tasmania
60 degrees Anchorage, Scotland, Oslo, Moscow

    • Ignores the possibility of 'vitamin D winter' = too low intensity to make any vitamin D

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