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Breast tumor 1 inch bigger for each 1 ng decrease in vitamin D – Dec 2011

Details at Vitamin D Council and many other places on the web

Reported at San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium Dec 2011

For 1,800 early breast cancer patients, 2003 and 2010.

Also statistically significant: if < 30 ng: “significant increase in the risk of relapse after three years”


Suspect that a majority of the women with breast cancer had low vitamin D levels.
Those who had very low levels apparently had larger tumors

Disease Incidence chart Lahore

CLICK HERE for larger image and more charts of disease incidence

Aromatese Inhibitors for Breast Cancer consume Calcium which uses up vitamin D

Speculation:tumors consume vitamin D, and then the longer the tumor grows, the lower the level of vitamin D

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