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Teeth and vitamin D - from Book - Sunlight Solution

The book, The Sunlight Solution, by Laurie Winn Carlson has an excellent description of the investigation of the cause of rickets.
On pages 105-107, she describes how teeth health was known since the 1930's to be improved with vitamin D, sunshine, and full spectrum bulbs in classrooms.
800 IU was found to be needed for dental health in the Winter in one location, probably for light-skinned children.

You can "look inside" of the book at Amazon. New $15, Kindle $10, Used $2, published March 2009
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You can see from the table of contents that this book is different from other books on vitamin D.
Many interesting ideas.

I am investigating her idea described chapter 8 Solar/Global Dimming: due to smog, contrails, dust in the air, tropospheric ozone, etc.
Lots of controversy about how much reduction in sunlight there has been in the past 40 or so years.

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Teeth and vitamin D - from Book - Sunlight Solution        
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