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The False Promise of Fish Oil Supplements (nope) Aug 2019

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Do doctors ignore the Omega-3 data more than they ignore Vitamin D data?
   Founder of VitaminDWiki, Aug 2019

Vitamin D and Omega-3 category in VitaminDWiki starts with

330 Omega-3 items in category

Omega-3 and Vitamin D separately & together help with Autism, Depression, Cardiovascular, Cognition, Pregnancy, Infant, Obesity, Mortality, Breast Cancer, Smoking, Sleep, Stroke, Surgery, Longevity, Trauma, Inflammation, MS, etc
   See also - Overview: Omega-3 many benefits include helping vitamin D

A few recent items showing that Omega-3 improves health

Cardiovascular and Omega-3

Intervention Trials (usually RCT) using Omega-3

Meta-analyses of Omega-3

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