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Many local Zika cases in Miami – Aug 2016

70 local cases as of Sept 13

Constantly updated map of Zika in Florida is behind a Miami Herald Paywall - Sept 11

$2 for the first month, then $13 per month

Multi-million dollar investment by Florida Gov. wife in Mosquito spraying company - Sept 9

Ann Scott doesn't own a mosquito spraying business, but she does have a large financial stake in a Gulf Coast company.

Travel warning exended to Miami Beach Aug 19

Pregnant Women Advised to Avoid Travel to Active Zika Zone in Miami Beach New York Times

  • CDC became aware of the problem by way of Zika infection of a tourist who had returned to Taiwan after visitin Maimi Beach in early August


US Map late August

35 cases in Miami area - perhaps extend the ban - Aug 18

New Cluster of Zika Cases Is Reported in Miami Beach NYT
huge reluctance to reduce tourists.

30 cases in Miami area - Aug 15

Gee - The mosquitoes do not appears to be all killed like the the gov. of Florida said

16 local Zika in Wynwood, 2 in Palm Beach County, 1 in St Lucie County - Aug 8, 2016


Wynwood schools starts Aug 22, students not permitted to use mosquito repellants

School Officials In Sweltering Miami Ban Mosquito Repellent, Urge LONG SLEEVES To Fight Zika Instead

  • "The officials won’t allow students to bring standard, over-the-counter mosquito repellent to school or to apply it on the premises because it’s possible that some other student could be allergic to the active ingredients."

VitaminDWiki hopes that

  1. Students will be allowed to put Permethrin on their clothes
  2. School officials will put larvicide in the storm drains which are in and near the school grounds


CDC Advice for people living in or traveling to Wynwood

Huge problems getting Zika test for a woman who works, but does not live inside of the ZONE - Aug 5

Pregnant in Miami With Zika on the Loose Atlantic

  • "She’s concerned that her OB/GYN hasn’t spoken to her once about Zika in six-and half-months of pregnancy. "
  • Note also in article: ". . only 200 locals had been tested, many from a door-to-door collection of urine samples. That’s a 7 %t rate of infection, just from that tiny sample.
  • "A 15th case outside the one square mile of Wynwood in Southwest Ranches in Broward County about thirty miles away was announced on August 2"

Fight the hidden Zika storm in your storm drains – Aug 5, 2016

Fight the hidden Zika storm in your storm drains – Aug 2016 - highlights

Comments by VitaminDWiki
  • Storm drains are great places for mosquitoes
    Plenty of dirty water
    No tadpoles etc. to eat the larvae
    No insecticide to kill the adults
    No birds/bats to eat the adults
  • 60% of the storm drains had Aedes aegypti mosquitoes (Mexico)
  • Larvacide in storm drains reduced Dengue infections by 81 % (Columbia)
    Many Zika mosquitoes also carry Dengue
  • 2.5 times more likely to get Dengue if live with 160 meters of a storm drain (Australia)
    Reminds me of the Cholera problem in London in 1832 - less than 200 meters

  • Miami, etc. should put larvicide in their storm drains to stop Zika

  • Also: Miami, etc. could also reduce spreading of virus by
    spraying Permethrin on clothes of the infected

Aerial spraying for Zika in Miami neighborhood - WSJ Aug 3

  • Florida County to Start Aerial Spraying in Zika Battle 10 miles, not just 1
    ". . risen by one additional case to 15"
    Note: this new case is OUTSIDE of the 1 mile zone
    Note: they are also taking care to flush standing water into drains
       Appears that they are not aware that mosquitoes can and do lay eggs in drains
       also - it is unlikely that the aerial spraying will get into drains

Many ways have been classically used to stop a mosquito outbreak

  1. Kill the mosquitoes
  2. Decrease the mosquito breeding sites
  3. Reduce the number of bites to infected people
    3A quarantine - which is very heavy handed and expensive
    3B spray Permethrin on their clothing - which greatly repels mosquitoes for many weeks at very low cost
    wonder why they are not doing that?


http://www.cbsnews.com/zika/ includes the following as of Aug 1
NIH official discusses "cluster" of Zika virus cases
NIH official: Pregnant women across U.S. should take Zika precautions
CDC issues U.S. travel warning over Zika outbreak
Pregnant women warned to avoid Zika area in Florida
Travel warning after 10 new cases of Zika confirmed in Florida
How pregnant women in the U.S. can protect themselves from Zika
Could Zika take bite out of Florida's tourism biz?
Miami blood donations paused due to Zika fears

Testing for Zika 6 weeks after possible infection - but urine test can only detect Zika in previous 2 weeks! - Aug 2

With Zika in Miami, What Should Pregnant Women Across The U.S. Do? NPR

  • "If expectant mothers have been in the area anytime after June 15, they should be tested for Zika, Frieden added"

With 10 new Zika cases in Miami, CDC advises pregnant women to avoid Wynwood- Aug 1

  • MiamiHerald
    "Perhaps most troubling, Frieden said, is that extensive spraying of insecticides in the area over the past several weeks has not reduced the local population of mosquitoes capable of transmitting Zika virus."
    Comment by VitaminDWiki - Well known that new, unsprayed mosquitoes move into a sprayed area within days
    " . . noting that the Aedes aegypti species of mosquito most capable of transmitting the virus typically does not travel more than 150 meters — about 500 feet — in its lifetime."
    Comment by VitaminDWiki - 60 years ago the US govt reported that mosquito flying 1 - 2 miles
       see The Zika Virus Mosquito Is so Dangerous the Military Considered Using It as a Weapon - July 2016
    "Frieden also advised that all expectant mothers who have traveled to the area in recent weeks be tested for the virus"
    Comment by VitaminDWiki: see July 29, below

They are testing for Zika infection in urine 15 days after initial detection!! - July 29

from CBS evening news July 29

  • They appear to be unaware that the urine will show no signs of Zika after 15 days symptoms
    CDC updates Zika guidance to include urine testing
    If others were infected at the same time, it is very unlikely that their urine would still contain Zika 15 days later
    Their testing is TOO LATE!

Zika Cases in Florida Were Likely Spread by Mosquitoes, a First in the Continental U.S.- July 29

New York Times

  • ". . 660 feet, which is about how far the mosquitoes that transmit Zika fly."
    Note: Other sources report that THIS mosquito can fly about 5,000 feet
    Note: No mention that THIS mosquito is typically indoors - all spraying in Miami was done outdoors
  • " . . stay indoors after it rains and at sunset"
    Yet this mosquito also bites in the morning and INDOORS"
  • “I asked the doctor about it and he told me I had more chances of getting hurt in a car accident than contracting Zika,”
    Note: Puerto Rico has had more than 5,000 car accidents so far this year

Florida health officials confirm local Zika transmission- July 29


  • "Officials believe the local transmission is confined to a small area north of downtown Miami within a single ZIP code."

Mosquitoes May Be Spreading Zika in Florida - July 28

Atlantic Mag

  • "Earlier this week, state health officials ruled out travel as a source of infection for two people in southern Florida, and on Wednesday officials were investigating two more Zika cases where infection from travel was unlikely"
  • "Florida was regarded as the most likely state in the U.S. for a mosquito-borne Zika outbreak, because the Aedes aegypti prefers tropical climates. "
  • "The newest cases raise the number of those infected in the state to 364. Of those, 53 are pregnant women."

Florida probes four suspected non-travel cases of Zika - July 27

Medical Express

  • “If any of the cases are confirmed, it would mark the first time that mosquitoes carrying the virus are known to be present in the continental United States.”:
  • “For Zika to become a homegrown virus in the mainland United States, a mosquito would have to bite a Zika-infected person and then bite another person, passing on the virus.”

See also VitaminDWiki

Note: Mosquito traps being used in Florida are unlikely to find Zika as this mosquito flies very low to the ground (an ankle biter)

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