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Thyroid and vitamin D are the only body components which have a receptor on every cell in the body

NetDocto Forum in UK April 2018

So in analysis of this story the clear observation is that.There are many doctors in Europe who are prepared to remove the thyroid and place the lady on Hormone Replacement Therapy for the rest of her life! There are now some medical websites which are adamant that the thyroid when running low as subclinical thyroiditis can have up to 300 symptoms. And they have irrefutable proof for many of them .While others are derived from long term scrutiny. So the logic of removing the thyroid instead of repairing it is fraught with disaster. How will all those symptoms be controlled once the thyroid is gone?

ANSWER! They won’t be! They will run amok and be virtually uncontrollable. So here comes the next part of my first story and within another 24hr time frame. Incredible coincidences or a message from above???

So basically the thyroid has a connection to every cell in the body. And the only other connection with every cell is vitamin D. Why is that? we ask and of course the answer is that the thyroid is our body thermostat as its main function and then relates closely to every hormonal function in the body. while we all have one it appears that females are eight times more likely to have a thyroid disease.

Might be true about Thyroid
It is true for Vitamin D
Vitamin D also helps the Thyroid
   Henry Lahore, founder of VitaminDWiki

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