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COVID-19 and Vitamin D - 14 studies as of Oct 16, 2020


Includes overviews and hyperlinks to the actual studies
Prbably a lot of overlap with VitaminDWiki, etc

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COVID-19 treated by Vitamin D - studies, reports, videos
Contents as of Oct 23:

  • 33 trials, 1 trial result, 26 observations, 9 recommendations, 34 associations, 73 speculations, 25 videos
Top Vitamin D and COVID-19 recent updates

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Search Google Scholar for COVID-19 Vitamin D 20,000 publications Oct 10, 2020

Many clinical trials are underway which are testing Vitamin D to fight COVID-19


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COVID-19 and Vitamin D - 14 studies as of Oct 16, 2020        
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