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Vitamin D Blog

Same vitamin D benefit if total dose taken weekly

Monday March 12, 2012

Summary of VitaminDWiki webpage on how often to take vitamin D

Annual = Not good *

Quarterly = OK for those low on vitamin D

Monthly = OK unless

Weekly = Great for everyone (unless have poor liver/kidney)

Daily = Fine for everyone

Notional chart of the benefits of vitamin D vs time between doses

Impression from hundreds of vitamin D clinical trials and studies

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* Imagine the consequences of taking a years worth of any food, supplement, or drug in a single day:
Examples: salt, water, iodine, aspirin, sugar, wheat, vitamin A, etc, etc.
Vitamin D is perhaps the only item for which taking the annual amount in a single day will not cause a call to 911 or immediate death
Vitamin D is not toxic when annual amount is taken in a single day, but problems of annual dosing outweigh the benefits.

VitaminDWiki on supplementation

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