Clinical Trials update Sept 2010

Very happy to see much larger doses now used in clinical trials compared to just 7 months ago

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US clinical trial statistics with vitamin D as of Sept 21 2010

In title or description = 663
Interventions = 541
Seniors = 374
New clinical trials since Jan 1 2010 = 422

The following are some example trials – showing only the highest dose being tried.

Have not included those trials which have completed or have too small of doses to be of interest.

Note: 50,000 IU weekly = 7100 IU daily


7,000 IU Obesity
Dose response vs weight 10,000
Leptin and obesity 4,000 IU
40 trials on Leptin and Diabetes does not mention vitamin D, Oct 2010


Leg cramps 50,000 IU daily for 10 days then 50,000 IU weekly >50 years old
3,000 IU to prevent Musculoskeletal Pain in Children
Treat and prevent Osteoporosis with 40,000 IU weekly

Moms and babies

Infant dose/response 1200 IU
Pregnancy 3,600 IU
Lactation 6,400 IU
Pregnant 70,000 IU loading dose then 35,000 IU weekly

Eliminate deficiency

50,000 IU loading every 2 weeks – treatment of insufficiency
200,000 every 3 months (= 2222 IU daily) to achieve 20-30 ng target
Adolescent Girls 50,000 IU weekly
4,000 IU interaction with Calcium
Older Women 4,800 IU

Other than blood tests

Calcium in Urine Screening to determine D Deficiency in Infants and Toddlers


Colon Cancer – goal of 80 to 100 ng/ml
Prostate Cancer 10,000 IU

Other Diseases

Chronic Kidney 60,000 IU loading followed by 30,000 weekly
Severely Mentally Ill 50,000 IU weekly
2,000 IU to prevent type 1 Diabetes
6,000 IU Influenza
Crohn's 5,000 IU
HIV 7,000 IU
Cardiovascular Disease 100,000 IU weekly

Other clinical trials listings

Aust/New Zealand trials

WHO International Clinical Trials – in 7 languages 1184 trials of vitamin D, 516 with vitamin D in the title

A few interesting trials from WHO

Effects of different doses of oral Cholecalciferol on serum1-25(OH)D during Fall and Winter in school children of Taleghan 50,000 IU every 2 weeks
Effect of Vitamin D Oral Supplements on 25 OH Vitamin D Levels 50,000 IU monthly
Does vitamin D supplementation prevent progression of knee osteoarthritis? 50,000 IU monthly
Vitamin D during pregnancy and infancy 2000 IU for mom and 800 IU for infant

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