Vitamin D trial with COVID-19 in Sri Lanka - interview May 16

Combating COVID-19: Vitamin D the vital cog-in-the-wheel − Prof. Wimalawansa

By Saundarya Wellaboda   CeylonToday
World-renowned Professor of Medicine and expert in Endocrinology, Vitamin D and human Nutrition, Professor Sunil Wimalawansa has offered his services to the highest authorities in Sri Lanka to help the country to successfully fight the COVID-19 pandemic mainly with reference to disease prevention.

In a previous article, Professor Wimalawansa explained COVID-19 prevention and clinical trial protocol which he has designed with assistance from a group of senior foreign scientists. He noted that each of these individuals have more than 30 years experience in clinical and research work.

He emphasized that most of these systems are designed to prevent complications and ensure early recovery and added that some of the protocols are concentrated on countries suffering severely from COVID-19 and are made in order to prevent deaths. He opined that the prevention system made for Sri Lanka is the first study to be implemented for disease prevention in regards to COVID-19 in the world.

According to Professor Wimalawansa the prevention protocol system that has been recommended for Sri Lanka can help prevent the virus from uncontrollably spreading within quarantine centres and he further explained that in partnership with the group of senior scientists, he was able to create a capsule containing a high-potent nutrient capable of boosting the Vitamin D levels within the human body, therefore strengthening the immune system to maximum level.

Professor Wimalawansa said that the capsules are a custom-synthesised mega-dose, made in a reputed laboratory named, Bioinnovations-Pharmacal in Arkansas, USA. He added that since these are custom-made it is currently not available for purchase. He alleged that this company assured that ingredients in the capsule have been tested and proven to be pure and added that it is suitable for consumption.

"For those who have just contracted the virus, when you have this mega-dose nutrient in the body, he or she will experience milder symptoms. Those with sufficient micro-nutrients, including vitamin D and zinc, will have either no symptomatic disease or have minor symptoms." He added.

Professor Wimalawansa further said that maintaining a healthy level of Vitamin D will strengthen one's immunity and added that the response of the immune system is positively related to the vitamin D concentration in the blood.
He emphasized that many recent studies report that, individuals who require Intensive Care and those who have passed away, had their serum vitamin D [25(OH)D] concentrations at less than 5 nanograms per millilitre (ng/mL).
He clarified that to achieve an immune system capable of winning against COVID-19, one needs to maintain serum vitamin D [25(OH)D' concentration in excess of 40ng/mL (most certainly, above 30 ng/mL).

ProfessorWimalawansa also said recent research reports from multiple countries indicate that for every person tested positive of COVID-19, there are between 10-40 more individuals who are infected, but they do not know it.
He said that they are called symptomatic carriers and added that they indeed can spread the disease to others in the community. Such individuals when admitted to a quarantine centre, while may not yet have developed PCR positivity, could infect others, he added.

Professor Wimalawansa further claimed that general databases from multiple countries reported that while less than 5% of those who are admitted to quarantine centres are infected, when they leave, up to 20% can be infected while being there and added that this is what the team of volunteers proposed to prevent by implementing the protocol system.

He further clarified that however this process can be later applied to other areas to help prevent the virus from uncontrollably spreading not only in quarantine centres, but also in the Prison, navy vessels, cruise-ships, and among frontline workers such as healthcare, emergency services and soldiers engaged in contact tracing.

Meanwhile, Professor Wimalawansa said during the first week of his return to the country he wrote to the President Gotabaya Rajapaksa offering his services added that after receiving his letter, President Rajapaksa notified him that the information will be entrusted to the Director General of Health Services for further attention.

Professor Wimalawansa further emphasised that since he did not receive a response from the Director General he wrote to the Defence Secretary through the Army Commander, where he explained information regarding the prevention protocol system and requested an immediate response.

Professor Wimalawansa clarified that he took these initiatives about three to four weeks ago but had still not got formal approval and noted that this was despite the fact that all expenses will be borne by them.

Professor Wimalawansa noted that his team has already paid the costs for the synthesis of these mega-dose capsules, and airfreight to the BIA from the US and added that to facilitate the process, his team had already purchased laptop computers for each of the participating quarantine centres to enable easy data entering regarding the progress of participants.

Furthermore,Professor Wimalawansa noted that he and associates were contacted by governmental and non-governmental groups from Indonesia, the Philippines, and India requesting for their assistance in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic and added that if the relevant authorities failed to provide formal approval and cooperate, they will direct all resources to the above-mentioned countries for their benefit.

5 Chromebooks to be loaned to Sri Lanka RCT if no customs taxes are charged


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Vitamin D Dosing Recommendations for COVID-19

  • Portion of image from June 5 video (below)
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  • Commentary: Myths and facts on vitamin D amidst the COVID-19 pandemic Metabolism, June 2, FREE PDF, peer-reviewed publication
    • "Preventive doses of vitamin D3 of 10,000 IU/day for 4 weeks followed by 5000 IU/day to reach a target 25(OH)D level of 100–150 nmol/L [[24], and treatment doses >6000 IU/day in deficient individuals to reach a similar level and reduce disease progression [48], are suggested. ""
    • Comment: Strange that the treatment dose is less than the prevention dose. Note treatment dose will take > 3 months to help
      • Perhaps they meant the treatment dose to be 60,000 IU, not 6,000 IU
  • Perspective: improving vitamin D status in the management of COVID-19 May 22 free PDF
    • If low: 50,000 IU twice a week at the diagnosis (100,000 IU total)., then 50,000 IU taken once a week for the 2nd and 3rd weeks.
      • Note: VitaminDWiki believes that this dosing is not large enough for prevention, much less treatment
  • COVID-19 might be prevented in 2 months by 50,000 IU weekly – May 12, 2020
  • for people who have not been taking any vitamin D BusinessWorld May 22 - by Dr Renu Mahtani in videos below
    • Vitamin D 60k IU twice a week for two weeks to be followed by 60k once a week for the next six weeks.
    • or Vitamin D 60k IU daily for three days to be followed by 60k weekly for the total period of two months.
    • Thus 480,000 IU total, No Vitamin D testing needed

Some people wanted improved immune systems, so took more vitamin D

COVID-19 associated with Low Vitamin D

Vitamin D levels are lower in those who test positive for COVID-19 -[doi:10.3390/nu12051359| Nutrients] May 09

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  • [ |Vitamin D Level Is Directly Correlated to COVID-19 Outcome] Mercola May 8
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  • [ |Vitamin D linked to low virus death rate in 20 countries in Europe] Science Daily May 7
  • [ |Evidence Supports a Causal Model for Vitamin D in COVID-19 Outcomes] May 6 preprint
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    • I have suspected that Causal Influence could be much better, far lower cost, and faster than the use of RCTs
  • [|Evidence of Protective Role of Ultraviolet-B (UVB) Radiation in Reducing COVID-19 deaths] preprint May 7
    • "permanent unit increase in UVI is associated with a 2.2 % decline in daily growth rates of cumulative COVID-19 deaths [p < 0.01]
    • as well as a 1.9 % decline in the daily growth rates of CFR [p < 0.05]
    • 64 countries, 78 days, 6 UVI models
  • [ |Vitamin D Level of Mild and Severe Elderly Cases of COVID-19: A Preliminary Report] May 5
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  • Almost everyone with COVID-19 in a Louisiana ICU had low vitamin D – April 29, 2020
  • COVID-19 mortality rate highest North of 35 degrees latitude (Vitamin D) – April 20, 2020
  • COVID-19 was 19X more likely if low vitamin D (may be invalid data)– April 2020 Philippines
    • The raw data has strange gaps in the vitamin D levels
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  • Research Suggests a Link Between Vitamin D Deficiency and COVID-19 Deaths May 5
  • Indonesia preprint 13X if vitamin D insufficient,19X for patients who are vitamin D deficient.
    • VitaminDWiki has requested but has not yet access to the raw data
  • COVID-19 infections associated with very low vitamin D – Turin Italy – March 2020



Higher levels of vitamin D result in fewer COVID-19 problems


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Groups which ignore Vitamin D possibility

  • The Wellcome-Gates COVID-19 Accelerator initiative expressly prohibits funding for Vitamins.

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