Vitamin D Omega 3 and Exercise are being used in controlled trial to support healthy ageing – Feb 2012

Update: Vitamin D and Omega-3 Ineffective for Preventing Cancer and Heart Disease (too little was used) – Nov 2018


  • July 2012 to July 2017
  • Europe randomized controlled clinical trial (2x2x2 factorial design = 2 levels of vitamin D, two levels of Omega 3, two types of exercise)
  • 70+ year old seniors
  • 1 page DO-HEALTH summary Feb 2012
  • 8 treatment groups with the 3 interventions alone or combined:
  • interventional Vitamin D dosage: 2,000 IU versus placebo.
    They anticipate many participants will take 800 IU (standard of care), thus the amount might be as much as 2800 IU down to 800 IU
  • Omega 3: 1 g (EPA+DHA) per day versus placebo.
  • exercise: two interventional programs focused either on “muscle strength” or “joint mobility”. Both programs performed 3 times/ week for 30 minutes
  • calcium supplements will be allowed up to a dose of 500 mg per day max (plus diet intake)
  • no indication on Magnesium intake
  • Compliance: individual follow-up with study personnel every 3 months by phone call or clinical visit to assess new health-related events, ARs, major lifestyle changes, assess compliance and motivate participants
    Compliance might be enhanced by marking it on the calendar for taking weekly
        1 pill taken about once a week instead of having to remember to take a pill every day.
    no indication of any increase of vitamin D for those who have medications which reduce the vitamin D response
    no indication of giving more vitamin D for those seniors who are obese, have dark skin, or who have medical reasons for having a low response to vitamin D
  • no loading dose. Other studies indicate that the benefit of the vitamin D might not even start in the first year. - see references below
  • Sponsored by European Commission within the European 7th Framework Program for Research and Technological Development.
    The Universities involved and three industrial sponsors (DSM Nutritional Products, Roche and Nestlé Health Science) are co-funding the study.

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140,000 IU 10 ng 200 lb
70,000 IU 20 ng 200 lb
105,000 IU 10 ng 150 lb


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