Vitamin D from 1940 and into the future – Holick video Nov 2013

Presentation at Boston University 100 minutes

A few notes by VitaminDWiki - not in order

About 50% content overlap with his previous videos
Holick's 40 year vitamin D journey
150 ng MS in Brazil is a real eye-opener (Holick visited Brazil in 2013)
OK to have levels up to 100 ng – just watch out for too much Calcium
      (VitaminDWiki: Reduce Ca, increase Mg, and take Vitamin K2)
Infrequent dosing is OK 2X per month and even possibly monthly,
Far better to publish his Psoriasis findings in the Globe (20,000 letters) than NEJM (Had been turned down anyway)
Before 1950 hot dogs, custard, etc fortified with Vit D around the world,
Bats not get vitamin D from the sun: vampire bats 255 ng, fish eating bats 245 ng, fruit eating only 24 ng
He uses 30 SPF sunscreen, but not on arms and legs
He and family gets about total of 3,000 IU vitamin D daily
He has 56 ng/ml
Can get vitamin D even if have poor fat absorption - UV
Endocrine Society recommends 40-60 ng
Chickens can generate 10X more vitamin D on portions of their body not covered by feathers
High school students are developing a UVB LED bracelet or belt
Comment from Audience 10,000 IU for 10 years not touch his RA 50,000 IU was great

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