Vaccine and 1000 IU of vitamin D started concurrently, vitamin D did not help – RCT Jan 2013

Impact of vitamin D administration on immunogenicity of trivalent inactivated influenza vaccine in previously unvaccinated children.

Hum Vaccin Immunother. 2013 Jan 16;9(5).
Principi N, Marchisio P, Terranova L, Zampiero A, Baggi E, Daleno C, Tirelli S, Pelucchi C, Esposito S.
Pediatric Clinic 1; Department of Pathophysiology and Transplantation; Università degli Studi di Milano; Fondazione IRCCS Ca' Granda Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico; Milan, Italy.

As vitamin D (VD) has a significant regulatory effect on innate and adaptive immunity, the aim of this prospective, randomized, single-blinded, placebo-controlled study was to measure the impact of VD administration on the immune response to trivalent influenza vaccination (TIV). A total of 116 children (61 males, 52.6%; mean age 3.0 ± 1.0 y) with a history of recurrent acute otitis media (AOM), who had not been previously vaccinated against influenza, were randomized to receive daily VD 1,000 IU or placebo by mouth for four months. All of them received two doses of TIV (Fluarix, GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals) one month apart, with the first dose administered when VD supplementation was started. There was no difference in seroconversion or seroprotection rates, or antibody titers, in relation to any of the three influenza vaccine antigens between the VD and placebo groups, independently of baseline and post-treatment VD levels. The safety profile was also similar in the two groups. These data indicate that the daily administration of VD 1,000 IU for four months from the time of the injection of the first dose of TIV does not significantly modify the antibody response evoked by influenza vaccine.

PMID: 23324599

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Vitamin D primarily helps by improving the immune systems BEFORE the influenza or vaccine.

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Chart of influenza with placebo 800 and 2000 IU -2007

Nice graph from "More Viral Infections if vitamin D deficient- June 2010"

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