Pill swallowing a problem for 40 percent of American adults - no problem with vitamin D

Study Finds 40% of Americans Have Trouble Swallowing Pills

Lots of detail of Harris 2003 poll, including

  • Of those who experience difficulty swallowing their medications,
    14 % have delayed taking doses of their medication,
    8 % have skipped a dose and
    4 % have discontinued using their medication.
  • online survey of 679 adults
  • Most people that had problems taking pills described the sensations as
    having a pill stuck in their throat (80%),
    having a bad after taste in their mouth (48%), or
    gagging (32%).

There many ways to minimize or eliminate the pill swallowing problem with vitamin D

  1. Open the capsule and
    consume the powder directly, or
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    put the powder in food or drink and consume immediately, or perhaps over a 2 week time period
  2. Use bulk powder - and add as in #1 (the very lowest cost)
  3. Use liquid form (drops)
  4. Use spray form (inside mouth)
  5. Use topical form (on skin)
  6. Use chewable form
  7. Use sublingual form (tiny pills disolves under the tongue, or can be chewed)
  8. Minimize the problem by taking a tiny pill as infrequently as once every 2 weeks
  9. Use UVB light (expensive, takes a long time)
  10. Use injection (expensive)

Note; Children appear to have even more problems with swallowing pills than adults

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