Migraine risk reduced 30% if have lots of Zinc - Jan 2023

Dietary zinc seen reducing migraine risk


VitaminDWiki - Headache show 24X reduction in Migraines if high Zinc

Compared blood levels of 25 people with migraines to 25 people without GreenMedInfo

Metal MigraineNo Migraine Migraine Ratio
Cadmium 0.36 ug0.09 ug 4X MORE if increase
Iron0.97 ug0.48 ug2X MORE if increase
Lead1.48 ug0.78 ug 2X MORE if increase
Magnesium10.6 ug34.5 ug 3.5X LESS if increase
Zinc *0.24 ug 5.77 ug 24X LESS if increase

VitaminDWiki - 3 studies in both categories Headache and Zinc

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