Low cost cofactors for vitamin D

It is IMPORTANT to have cofactors when taking more than 2000 IU vitamin D average

Update 2022 taking most of my supplements as pills - average of about 3/day

Also take Magnesium Chloride as a liquid and Omega-3 as a cream

__Update 2018 - taking many supplements in ((Bulk supplementation of Vitamin D, Magnesium, Zinc, B-12, K2, Boron etc. - lower cost and

Supplements which the Founder of VitaminWiki takes - as of Aug 2017

Cofactor How Much Benefit Bone
teeth, nails
CommentsActual supplementation
by admin of VitaminDWiki
per day
Calcium <750mg Yes Is excess calcium harmful to health - 2010 0* = None: get from healthy food 0 ¢
Magnesium 100mg (element) YesMay increase response to Vitamin D by 30%
Many other health benefits as well
1/2 teaspoon of Magnesium Chloride ever 3 days
Make it by adding hot water to bulk MgCl (1 to 1)
also use topically on both knees nightly
~2 ¢
Vitamin K2>100 ug Yes perhaps 100 ug/1000 IU of vitamin D Super K - all three forms in 1 capsule20 ¢
Vitamin A ? maybeneed some, but too much is bad 0* 0
Boron 10 mg Yes may increase D3 in blood by 25% Daily in granola in the morning 1 ¢
Silica ? Yes Daily - Horsetail - buy in bulk
Include in morning cereal
1 ¢
Omega-31 g or
1 Vectomega tablet
By increasing
Vitamin D
helps health A LOT
May increase active D
1 Vectomega daily - VERY bioavailable75 ¢
Zinc ??Needed by Vitamin D Receptor
Thus results not seen in Vitamin D tests
take 30 mg tablet or liquid weekly3 ¢
Following are NOT cofactors
Poly fatsRatio of types of fat no Almonds have the best fat ratio
and they have Magnesium
daily mixed nuts5
Water 2.5 liters/quartsNoHelp flush kidneys of any excess Calcium
Perhaps only need this much
Water if >10,000 IU
>1 quart per day, filtered0
Iodine ?? microgramsNo many people are deficient recently
I am currently researching the topic
~600 micrograms once a week ~1¢
Sun How much time varies with
skin type, age, latitude,
clothing, stand/lie . .
YesProbably better than vitamin D supplements30 minutes sun-nap 80 days/year
UVB lamp in the winter
Vitamin D2,000-15,000Yes Proven to prevent/treat 76+ diseases 12,000 IU avg - Winter (50,000 every 4 days)
10,000 IU avg - Summer 50,000 every 5 days)

Update 2015 - Good Health is more than Vitamin D and cofactors – my view

Magnesium is probably the most important cofactor

Notes as of April 2013

  • It is OK to take lots of vitamin D for a month or two (Even 50,000 IU daily for a month)
  • The first cofactor to consider to take would be Mg - as <1% of people get allergic reactions to vitamin D due to being very low on Mg
  • Cofactors in a nutshell: Calcium 500, Magnesium 500, Vitamin K-2 100 (or more)
  • Probably the milligrams of most cofactors, as well as IU Vitamin D, should vary with the weight

Looked at more than 100 suppliers of vitamin D liquid and solid co-factors Dec, 2010 - Feb 2011

  • Daily dose sometimes < 30 cents

Adequate amount of most co-factors and LOW cost:

SOLID: 2 or 3 pills per day: Strontium Osteo, ABC to Z (2x), etc. for about 35 cents per day

LIQUID: Osteo Density: 21 cents per day

SOLID summary

This is a small portion of the spreadsheet (attached at bottom of this page)


None of the solid (or liquid) co-factors are perfect

Jarrow Bone-Up ULTRA has 2X more vitamin D3 and vitamin K2 than the non ultra version - continues to lack vitamin A

Vitamin A can perhaps be skipped (get it in food), or is very low cost to get as a separate pill

LIQUID Summary CLICK HERE for details on another page

The lowest cost, Osteo Density, also happens to have a fairly good set of co-factors

Units* Trimedica Source of Life Osteo Density OsteoCalm Liquid Multi Ionic Fizz Good Amt.
Calcium mg 1200 250 750 367 600+ 250 1300**
Magnesiummg 600 125 300 133 300 300 400
Vitamin Kmcg - 150 100 (K1) 67 (K2) 80 45 120
Vitamin AIU - 10,000 - 5000 200 2503000
Boron mcg 50 - 2000 1000 1000 500 4000
Silicamg - - 100 2 - 60 -
Strontium mg - - - 100 - - -
Daily costcents-8121727242-

* Units of measure: mg = milligram = 0.001 gram, mcg = microgram = 0.000,001 gram, IU = International Unit
** 1300 mg Calcium only if taking less than 2000 IU of vitamin D, much less Calcium otherwise


  • Ionic Fizz Swanson $25 15 oz 60 servings per package $0.42 per day
    CLICK HERE for Fizz ingredients on another page

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  • Zinc—One of the Best Supplements to Help Fight Cold and Flu Mercola Dec 2012
    Deficiency due to monocropping, ACE inhibitors, thiazide diuretics, and acid-reducing drugs, diets low in bioavailable zinc and high in phytic acid
  • Zinc Mercola Sept 2013
    12% of Americans do not get minimum, and perhaps 40% of seniors, also some % of vegitarians (best bioavailable zinc comes from meat)
    used to get enough from food - but not much is lost in the food chain, including initial plant growth
    many easy tests for low zinc, including a taste test in your home (quick look at internet - take a Zinc Sulfate solution, and if you do not notice bitter taste you do not have enough zinc)
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    Vitamin K, Vitamin A, Magnesium, Calcium - it also has the following graphic



SOLID details in spreadsheet and RTF files attached to the bottom of this page

short URL for this page = http://is.gd/cofactors

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  • Zinc and Vitamin D category listing has 83 items along with related searches
  • Comment by a person: The Vit D Receptor has a tiny zinc finger on the end of it, so if we don't get enough zinc we can't activate our VDR's

Cofactors from a single source - $1.40/day - Found May 2015

Bone Renewal Amazon
$40 for 30 days os serviings (5)- 2 breakfast, 3 dinner

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