Knee Osteoarthritis benefited by 20 ng of Vitamin D for 5 years – RCT July 2018

Long-term effects of vitamin d supplementation and maintaining vitamin d sufficiency on knee osteoarthritis over 5 years

Osteoarthritis and Cartledge April 2018Volume 26, Supplement 1, Pages S302–S303
B. Antony, S. Zheng, J. Burgess, C. Ding
Those getting 50,000 IU of vitamin D monthly who had a response > 20 ng had less pain and increased cartilage


Expect the results would have been much better if had used 50,000 twice or three times a month, rather than just once a month

Items in both categories and Osteorarthritis and Non-daily intervention are listed here:

Osteoarthritis category includes the following

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